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probably be partnering with community based organizationos this. who are some of them, just curious? >> i rely on the external affairs folks for that, but we reached out to your offices and asked for input. we reached out to the mayor's office on neighborhood services. we have a list of community organizations that the puc worked with his historically. >> we will assist however we can obviously. >> jason has made presentations -- i want to say -- >> lafco and puc staff over two years now gone to over a hundred community groups for presentations and street fairs. it's not as recent. we are
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kicking back up into that and why you have the fliers and that is temporary and it wasn't representing what was current and we want something out there now while we work on the permanent pieces in the future. >> how about the affordable housing and public housing, housing authority? >> some of those folks -- some of those don't pay their own utility bills. >> correct. >> so that's a little different of a customer base than we're looking at rolling out too. >> i am wondering have those conversations happened with henry alvarez or those folks? i am just curious. >> i know we went to some of groups but i can't help you off the top of my head the individuals that were at the meetings. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. colleague any other questions or comments about this? why don't we open it up to public comment.
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>> good afternoon again commissioners. eric brooks representing san francisco green party and local grass-roots organization "our city". so i wanted on the last note the green fest is november 10, and 11. some of the advocates will be there putting out community choice material and i think you guys had plans to be there. i'm not sure. and just wanted to kind of back up what ms. hale was saying it will take -- that november 30 we will have some of the stuff crunched that has come in from local power and other consultants but there is still a long way to go to learn about -- especially the possibility of offering customers and even to your point commissioner olague even low income customers to buy into shares of the program or to get energy efficiency installed in tandem for signing up with the program so there are
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reasons to reach out even to the communities we're not planning to enroll in the first phase and that is really important. the last point that i would raise just to make sure it's on everybody's radar screen, and i ask all the commissioners to hear this one because it's something i haven't brought up before, and commissioner campos i think you were at least at a hearing about the revenue bond oversight committee. some very serious issues have been raised about that committee and as the build out work proceeds and gets off the ground next spring we need to make sure that any of these questions and complications that currently exist with the revenue bond oversight committee are cleaned up and that body is fully independent and functional when we start bonding for the large scale local installation of renewables and efficiencies. if you folks would -- i wanted to give you that red flag right
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away so you're on top of that. >> thank you very much mr. brooks. any other member of the public that would like to speak? seeing none public comment is closed. i guess one question they want to make sure that we answer is in terms of agenda items for the joint meeting, can you give us a little more information what that will look like so that we have a better sense of what it is that we're going to try to accomplish? >> barbara hale, assistant general manager for power. what i am proposing and ms. miller and i have not yet had an opportunity to discuss this more fully. i understand the commission secretaries have talked and it's a to do on our list just to talk further. what we would like to propose is to address the time line for providing service, and to give you a flavor of some of the key
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steps, key activities that have to occur for us to be able to go forward, and to discuss the scope, geographic scope and size of the program and customer base we would be proposing to offer service to in the first phase, both through preenrollment program and the opt out portion of the program so it's those two primary items we have at the puc on our list to discuss with you. miss miller, did you have anything to add or subtract? >> i thought we would talk about marketing and outreach and an item and providing a schedule and have the consultant come if that is possible to talk about approach. >> yes, i think we can definitely talk about general
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approach. again we need feedback from policy makers on the scope and the size of the program, the initial program offering to be clear on who our audience is that you're comfortable with who we perceive as the audience in the first phase before we get into the detail of the component and the detail would follow and we want to make sure we're doing target outreach and education and it speeds to focused on a specific audience. >> will there be a recommendation from staff along those lines, or is that something that you need something from -- for instance members of lafco or the board of supervisors just to make sure that we're doing what you need to give us at least our feedback? >> right. we will be making a
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recommendation. it will be building on the approach we had originally proposed prior to the amendments to the program that were adopted by the board, so we will put together envelope that will help you. >> >> help us in advance of the hearing, help you help us determine what the real audience is for this first phase. >> and in terms of that recommendation, so i assume it will be presented at the joint meeting. >> yes. >> will there be an opportunity -- is there any plan to discuss the recommendations with members of this commission or members of the board to the extent that maybe specific neighborhoods are impacted? >> so we would be happy to come around and talk with folks to make sure that it's clear what
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it is we're recommending to get feedback, and i think we will be in a position to do that the week before the hearing. >> i would encourage you to do that because i think that there were specific concerns that some supervisors had for instance, and i want to make sure those are taken into account as you're making those recommendations. >> yes. >> colleagues are there -- is there anything else that any of you believe should be added or should be part of that joint meeting that has not been talked about? i just want to make sure we're all on the same page. okay. commissioner avalos. >> i think perhaps just having real brief understanding of what the opposition would be and how we might be able to move forward, cognizant of what the
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opposition looks like and the strategy at the early stage expect to have in place. i don't mean opposition from people who do not sign up for the program or who would opt out, but from the pg&e of the world and other groups. >> and on that note one question that i had was whether or not at some point -- i don't know if it's something that should be done at a joint meeting, but maybe it's something that could be looked at here at lafco, but it's the idea of what were some of the challenges that marin for instance faced as they were implementing their program? i don't know if that is something that could be a part of a presentation to the joint two bodies. i don't know if you have thoughts about that. >> i do have one thought about that. don't forget since marin launched their program working
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together with marin, senator leno proposed legislation that includes a code of contact for caa's and the under lying utility so there are new rules that weren't in place when marin launched their program governing that level of engagement and the conduct of the utility and the caa, so there -- i think it's useful to spend time briefing folks on the rules of engagement are from that legislative effort as much as we know them, but it won't be exactly the same experience because of that. >> well i think that it would be helpful to have that context. i think that would be useful -- i imagine for both commissions to do that. ms. miller. >> and i am just assuming and barbara i know we will talk off line that we will have an
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update on shell and mobile energy if there are issues or status of where we are with those two contracts. >> great. colleague any other questions? again we want to thank staff and puc for their presentation. we have taken public comment on this item. why don't we now go to item six. >> item six public comment. members of the public may address the commission on matters that are within their jurisdiction and not on today's agenda. >> any public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. item seven. >> item seven future agenda items. >> and now i would like -- oh commissioner avalos. >> sure. thank you chair campos. just -- i of having ongoing conversations with
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mr. fried and i thought the commission would like to know about them. i have been exploring over the last year and a half the creation of a municipal bank in san francisco. one idea about the bank we're creating another separate government authority that could be under the purview of lafco and i want to see if we have some sense on the commission to be able to allow for jason to help us explore this a little bit further. there are a lot of regulatory and legal issues and we have the city were attorney asking questions for us and but there might be something else for us to roll something out or the ways we actually use the government dollars and programs that offer loans to small businesses or community organizations to do work in the city and i think it's worth
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exploring what the context is we're in now to something that could be in place later, so i wanted to throw that out there that jason could be helpful for that effort. >> commissioners, any thoughts on that before we turn to public comment? >> i think it's a great idea to do that and i think it's something that lafco could definitely be very helpful o the one suggestion i would have which is in addition to this is that even as that work begins i would like to schedule as an agenda item a work land for lafco or at least a work plan for the coming year so we as a commission can have a discussion about what -- besides overseeing the implementation of caa working on this municipal bank, what other things we want to
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tackle, and i think by the time that we have that agenda item and have that discussion each of you will have an opportunity to think about some of the things that that you think might be appropriate for us to work on, but i think it would be good for us collectively as a commission to develop a work plan because i think that will not only inform us, but it will certainly guide the work of staff, so unless there are comments why don't we open it up to public comment. >> one more time. eric brooks, san francisco green party and our city. i wasn't going to speak on this item until commissioner avalos said the great words that he said. i have worked on a lot of campaigns over the last decade with a lot of progressive groups, and definitely in our
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top three goals of every group i ever worked with is a municipal bank, so i would say absolutely and i think if you look back at the history of cleanpower sf it took lafco to make sure that moved forward i think it would take lafco to go forward with a municipal bank and it's a regional bank and opportunities with other cities, and especially with regard to the ability of a municipal bank to do nonprofit and non interest loans for home ownership, for shall public profits, improving public housing, solving the housing program that we have in the city, low income and housing. it's. >> >> huge and a miewm bank could take us light years and i will second and third what
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commissioner avalos said. thank you. >> thank you. any other member of the public that would like to speak on item seven? seeing none public comment is closed. mr. fried. >> yeah. i wanted to add -- i am working on a memo for you to understand the areas that we could work on, big picture ways to approach -- trying to think of future topics so i will get that memo to you within the next week and happy to talk to you between now and the next meeting if you have questions. one thing i want to go back to the municipal bank issue. in the discussion with commissioner avalos one thing he was pointing out specifically as working on it, but i will need legal advice and counsel from ms. miller and it's lafco staff and not just me focusing on this stuff just to make sure we have that right. >>i think it's appropriate. the timing of this discussion is
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very appropro and in the next few months we have to approve a budget and come up with something that reflects priorities and we want to make sure in that budget that budget reflects the priorities that we will have and to the extent there is additional work needed on some of the areas whether it's work by legal counsel, but perhaps outside experts as well if that is reflected in that. >> can do. >> great. so in terms of moving forward so unless there is any objection i think that's it's appropriate for you to begin that work and to work with commissioner avalos. seeing no other comments madam clerk is there any other -- you call the next item. >> item eight is adjournment. >> great. there is no other
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business before the commission and the meeting is adjournd and we wish our san francisco giants good luck and let's bring the championship back. meeting adjourned. okay. i know it's a lot going on, but turn your attention to ms. reyes. >> boys and girls, we are going to read grades. we have been talking about
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the government and upcoming election. so we will read our book. i love the way i see table one. everybody's eyes are on me. what a great job. "grace for president." one monday mrs. barrington rolled out a big post wer all the presidents on it. grace could not believe her eyes. where are the girls! that's a very good question, says mrs. barrington. the truth is, our country
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has never had a woman president. no girl president? ever! >> no, i'm afraid not, said mrs. barrington. >> grace sat down at her desk. no girls. whatever heard of such a crazy thing. finally she raised her hand. >> scholars from uc berkeley, we talked about how very special we were. we tell you all the time you are special. the mayor, of all the other schools in san francisco, chose to come. and uc berkeley. so the mayor will talk to you a little while. all of our attention is which way? >> well, good morning everyone. >> good morning. >> i want to first begin by
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thanking your teacher, ms. mayes, for letting me come and be part of your class room today. of course your principal for letting us come to be part of your earthquake preparedness day. how many people know what today is? go ahead? what is that? okay. well, yes. [ indiscernible ] >> that is right. we call it the great earthquake drill. yes. we are getting ready. did you know -- let me give you numbers. 56,000 students in our school district are all participating at the same time. in the cities, 322,000 people are part of this drill, yes. then in the state of
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california 9.3, from los angeles, san diego, san francisco, all participating in this earthquake drill. that is pretty big large numbers of people that are joining all of you. don't you feel special? yeah, everybody is doing this. i have to my left and right are really important department heads. our chief of police is to my left. he is participating and has a lot of staff to support this effort. we have our fire chief. did you know? you reading from the book, grace for president, she is our female chief of our fire department. to her right is rob, the head department of our department of emergency management. one of the most important departments that's working
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with police and fire and connected up with the whole state with our school system, school board, principals and students to organize and make sure we are prepared for the next earthquake or emergency. this is why we have the great california shakeup drill. this is why we are doing it all over the state. we have to be a little better prepared. how many of you think that you're prepared for the next earthquake at home? yeah? do you think you have some emergency supplies ready? everybody has a flashlight? what do you have to have to make sure the flashlight works. >> batteries. >> that's right! hopefully when you go home ask your parents, your mom and dad in the house do they have extra supplis in
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case there's an earthquake. how many of you will be willing to do that today when you go home? we greatly appreciate it. that will make you feel safe and your household. you have to have preparations and be ready for things. that is why we do these drills. practice, practice and practice, keep talking to each other. sometimes i may not be here. in a few years might be a new mayor, new chief of fire and police. people, should they forget? >> no. no, they should not forget about being prepared . this is why we do these every year. we have a lot of events in between to make sure everybody is working. because we want you all to be safe. we want you to grow up. we want you to be really successful, have the best jobs in the world. but we have to take care of
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things that might hurt us and be prepared. in an earthquake or emergency, it could hurt us or a member of your family, your household if we are not prepared and getting ready to recover right off the bat. is that a good message for everybody to bring back home? will you do that for me? thank you very much. it is greatly appreciated. i want to thank ms. reyes for this opportunity to be with you. our school district and our -- and members of our school board are here too to oversee and make sure we use everything in every class room. by the way, one of the reasons i came to the uc berkeley -- yes. >> like uc berkeley? >> i like it. i graduated from uc berkeley too. [applause] >> law school. that is where i went. are we ready?
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>> that was the -- go back into our routine. it may happen when we are doing our regular thing. we will continue as we are and when we hear that, we do what we always do, okay. thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you. we actually maybe will stick around. we are interested to see whether grace does become president. how many know we are voting for president of the united states? >> go obama. >> yeah, i will take a pass on it. thank you very much for all of your attention, for making sure you asked the right question when you go home tonight. we appreciate that you take responsibility. you will be a great friend to your class mates and good family member and good citizen of san francisco. thank you very much. good job, you did great. >> great in your uniforms as well.
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>> we are uniforms as well. >> love the stars they are all wearing. >> for third grade, very attentive. thank you for letting us come into your class room. you can ask questions or continue with the story. whatever your teacher would like. >> ask questions if you'd like. this is an opportunity. >> how old are you? >> how old am i? can you guess? >> 95? [ laughter] >> can you not guess! [ laughter] >> only third grade. >> close, close. i'm 60. and she's 48. >> in between. [ laughter] >> i was -- so you will remember this, i was born in the year of the dragon. >> oh yeah!
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that is how i have fun when it comes to numbers and it comes to age. >> we all have different jobs. we all have specific things. the fire department puts out fires and rescues people. the police department keeps everybody safe. what my department does is help everybody know what everybody else is doing and kind of orchestrate the whole thing. so we run the emergency operation center. we do a lot of communications. we talk to a lot of people. >> so he has a special place. >> you know, we all have --
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>> duck, cover and roll, yes! good job. ♪ the entertainment commission, i'm glendon hyde, first order of business, we have public comment -- sorry, roll call, sorry.

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